Kohr's Kustoms
Specializing in Mopar Muscle Cars Restorations and
Kohr's Kustoms is a full service restoration shop from metal work, to interior work, to paint work, we
do it all to Mopar Muscle cars.  

Kohr's Kustoms opened up full time in July, 1993 and has been going strong ever since.  Although
the waiting list varies, it is well worth the wait.

Kohr's Kustoms will build your car the way you want it built.  We fully document the restoration
process with lots of pictures.   We allow the customer to be involved with getting the parts or doing
whatever they choose to do.   We also allow potential customers to stop by and tour the shop
almost any time.   It is always best to call first.   We are a very busy restoration shop and try to
schedule visits when it will not hold up progress of the restorations in the shop at that time.   We
can show you finished cars at all times, and you can checkout all the first place trophy's hanging in
the office.

We do not give estimates on our restorations.  The cars we restore are 30+ year old, there is no
way of  knowing what condition a car is really in until we have the car down to bare metal.  We
charge time and material on our restorations.

We will be happy to answer any technical questions you may have for the do it yourselfers.  Please
email us with your questions and we will try to get back to you the same day.   Since we are very
busy, we recommend that you email us instead of calling.   We can get back to you much quicker
with an email, and it takes less time away from our restoration projects.
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